Terms And Conditions

Payment terms:

50% deposit of the full amount of the job to be done is required by Depoxywv before being scheduled a date and time for work to be performed, unless DrEpoxyWV specifically says or agrees upon in writing with the customer of anything otherwise. Then remainder of the cost and agreed upon amount is to be paid day of completion of job unless otherwise specified by Dr.EpoxyWV in writing.

Tax terms:

All local, state and federal taxes will be included in the estimated cost of work to be performed and or invoice, taxes on material and on extra work performed is subject to change up or down with cost of before the mentioned.

Termination terms:

Termination terms are as such – Termination (or delay) of the contract and job to be performed can be done by DrepoxyWV for a reason of mechanical failure, equipment failure, lack of employees, or severe bad weather that is out of the control and cannot be reasonably fixed by DrepoxyWV, And with the client if adds of substantial changes to the planned work that they have already been read and agreed upon in contract and on/in written estimate and the two parties cannot work it out, due to cost, time frame or any reason that DrepoxyWV deems significant. 

Furthermore the client / customer can terminate or (delay) the contract for any emergency, time frame for disagreement up until materials for said job and client have been delivered, once material has been bought and in the possession of DrEpoxyWV, and if said product can not be returned with and for full purchase price and DrepoxyWV has to retain that product and materials and whatever that cost is that is retained and kept by DrepoxyWV, and the owner of the property for where the work was supposed to be performed does not want to take possession and ownership of the materials and product – only the remainder of anything left over of the 50 % deposit and only the remainder of the 50% deposit is returned to the customer, ( simple terms a refund of only what is left over minus cost of product and materials). 

If termination / cancellation of the job is canceled and initiated by the customer between possession of materials and up until 4 days of the date that was agreed upon for work to be started there will be a cancellation fee of $200.00, in addition if termination / cancellation is initiated by the customer / client 3 days before and the up to the day of the job there will be a $300.00 cancellation fee – unless otherwise agreed upon by customer and DrepoxyWV in writing. Respectfully and all rights reserved by Dr.Epoxy WV.

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